Come and see Mannar, a place isolated during the three decades of civil conflict. It is war-affected with families displaced countless times. The people are resilient but need help to rebuild as they re-emerge from a parochial space into a global society and economy.

  • Jeremy Liyanage, Bridging Lanka

NGO: Bridging Lanka

We are partnered with Bridging Lanka — an NGO who bridges ethnic, religious and geographic divides through people-inspired action for peace and prosperity.

Our Travel Highlights

Kunchukulam Forest Walk

Whether it’s the cool shade alongside the river or the trek through wild elephant habitat, there’s plenty to enjoy on an all-day hike through the forests of Kunchukulam. Understand the importance of the environment to the local villages and discover ancient sites with the youth. You will have an opportunity to use your professional and personal experiences to advise the community on how to build up a responsible and sustainable tourism scene that can support their future.

  • Meet the local youth and discuss their wants and needs

  • Understand the importance of the forests to sustaining local communities

  • Advise the community on the development of their ecotourism scene

Mannar School for Differently Abled Children

A place for nurturing minds and hearts for differently abled children. These kids have different needs but they also have different abilities. It’s a subtle re-frame but it’s this spirit which is special about this place. They may have intellectual and developmental disorders but this does not get in the way of their learning or their happiness.

  • Re-think what it means to be disabled

  • Experience the innovative donkey-assisted therapy

  • Enjoy the company of the talented kids

Pavan Rice and Spice Mill

Visit a local manufacturing success story and consider what’s next in their journey. Originally set up with the help of Bridging Lanka, the Pavan Rice and Spice Mill provides local employment and reduces the cost of essential food supplies for the community in Mannar. The Mill now operates independently and serves rice and spice farmers within a 15 kilometre radius.

  • See and taste the local agriculture

  • Understand the influence of local supply chains

  • Hear what's next for the community

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