Namaste friends! We warmly welcome you to come and visit our community. We’re building a healthy and sustainable future.

  • Krishna Gurung

NGO: Friends of Himalayan Children

We are partnered with Friends of Himalayan Children — a humanitarian organisation working to improve the lives of vulnerable women and children in the Sindhupalchok District. A key focus is providing better access to quality education, (WHAT) training, and and the delivery of community development projects.

NGO: Kevin Rohan Memorial Eco Foundation

We are partnered with Kevin Rohan Memorial Eco Foundation — an NGO in the Kathmandu Valley that fosters health and well-being through education and delivering environmentally friendly and community oriented programs for local children and their families.

Our Travel Highlights

Sundarijal to Batase Hike

Pack light and bring some friends — it’s a two day adventure from the outskirts of Kathmandu to the village of Batase. Passing through wildlife reserves and mountain villages whilst enjoying some stunning views of the Himalayas, the trek is a great way to understand the Nepali people and the local context from your enthusiastic and personable guides.

Assisted by two local guides, our overnight trek took us from the outskirts of Kathmandu to the mountain village of Batase. On your journey you can meet and share coffee and lunch with people in communities along the way, and say hello to some of the children as they scoot by on their daily walk of up to five kilometres to and from school. You can even get to enjoy the flavour of wild berries, and be in awe of breathtaking new scenery around every corner.

  • Observe Mulkharka and Tamang village life

  • Walk through oak and rhododendron forests

  • Experience the beauty of the Himalayas

Batase Village Stay

Be warmly welcomed by your guides to their village. Enjoy Nepali hospitality while learning how trekking is helping to fight child trafficking, educate the community and provide local employment. Meet with the Batase school children and teachers, join in the nightly story telling at their children’s hostel and experience the lives of a mountain-side rural village first-hand.

(I think we should have a new segment – so there’s 1 for the village and 1 for the school?) With their school destroyed by the 2015 earthquake, the children attended lessons in temporary classrooms with no air-conditioning, and constructed from corrugated iron. The newly built school, which caters to students from kindergarten to year eight(?) has onsite accommodation and kitchen facilities for children to board. Not only is it a beautiful new school for the children to enjoy, the view would have to be one of the most spectacular of any school in the world.

  • Enjoy the mountain serenity

  • Understand the importance of local education for the youth

  • Listen to the community and talk about their aspirations

Kathmandu Eco Community Stay

A place where it starts with a mindset and extends to a way of life. Participating in life at the Kevin Rohan Memorial Eco Foundation is an insight into how a focus on physical and mental health can work for a community. It’s about nurturing young people to respect and connect with the space around them and encourage them to build upon this space.

  • See community sustainability in action

  • Re-think education

  • Support a personal legacy

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