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Social Enterprise: Friends International

We are partnered with Friends International — a social enterprise focused on saving lives and building futures for the most marginalised youth, their families and their communities.

Social Enterprise: Impact Hub

We are partnered with Impact Hub — a social enterprise working to support, inspire and engage Cambodia’s start-up community and its impact-driven young leaders.

Social Enterprise: SHE Investments

We are partnered with SHE Investments — a social enterprise that invests in women by supporting female-led business grow in scale into larger, more sustainable, and more impactful businesses.

Our Travel Highlights

Visit Impact Hub

Spend time at Impact Hub and bring yourself up to speed with the start-up scene in Cambodia. Visit some of their graduates and speak with the businesses that Impact Hub is working with.


  • Understand the context of Cambodian business

  • Engage with local start-ups

  • Reflect upon how your skills can help local businesses

Visit Futures Factory

Get an insight into how the marginalised in Cambodia have created a new future. The Futures Factory is a space where the talents of local Cambodians are combined with guidance, training and hard work to realise their entrepreneurial dreams. It’s a vibrant space with hope, good food, creativity, fashion and the arts.


  • Watch locals develop their skills in the workplace

  • Support local social enterprises

  • Understand the demands of turning troubled lives around

Visit SHE Investments

Meet the budding female entrepreneurs of Cambodia who are working with SHE Investments to grow their informal micro-sized businesses into something bigger. Over 60% of businesses in Cambodia are run by women but most of them have a small footprint. This is a great opportunity to understand the challenges of being a female whilst navigating the complexities of Cambodian business.



  • Understand the role of gender in Cambodia

  • Identify opportunities to mentor

  • Hear about the success stories

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